Best Unique Personalized Christmas Gifts

personalized handmade gifts for Christmas

If you or your loved ones love the handmade products with unique personalization touches you are in the correct place! You can have the best unique personalized gifts with unbelievable fast shipping. You can find here handmade personalized gifts for Christmas like an engraved compass, personalized custom men's photo wallet, personalized monogrammed women's photo wallet, personalized leather journal, personalized custom leather organizer binder, and notebook.

personalized men's photo wallet

Custom men's wallets are one of the favorite Christmas gifts. Be sure the recipient of the personalized photo wallet will love in custom purse.

custom wallet

We engrave inside, front side and back side of custom wallet for men. We can engrave photo both on front and back side of the leather wallet and we can put your custom message on the inside of the leather wallet.

animal engraved on leather wallet

We can engrave your forever friend's picture on men's wallets. This will be a nice touch on wallet and will be a nice gift idea for Christmas.

men's photo wallet

We can engrave both a picture and words on personalized engraved men's wallets. We can use any fonts that you want like cursive type, script type or block type.

engraved men's wallet

We have different types of men's wallets in our product range. Black, dark brown, light brown, wallet with card slot and long wallets with chain.

dad and son engraved wallet

Dad and son picture will look awesome on leather men's wallets.Under the son and dad photo we can put any date, short message. Also we can put a message on the card slot of the wallet.

personalized custom engraved mens wallet

We can engrave your handwriting on wallets for men. It will be a unique touch and gift for Christmas.

dark brown engraved mens photo wallet

One of the best unique Christmas gift is engraved compass.

engraved compass with leather case

We engrave top side, bottom side and inside of the custom compass with any message, image and words.

custom engraved compass

Compasses are really working and functional. If you are looking for a completely different Christmas gift; personalized compass will be for you.

monogrammed compass

Monogrammed compass is one of the favorite engravings on the top side. All compasses are handmade.

engraved compass with mountain sketch

Custom compass with mountain sketch is one of the best selling design.

personalized monogrammed womens photo wallet

Personalized monogrammed women's photo wallet will be a great Christmas gift for your loved ones. We can engrave any photo, picture, image, words, message and initials on custom women's purse.

custom monogrammed photo womens wallet

They are very usable wallets and you can fit many cards and checkbooks into women's wallets.

engraved leather journal


Genuine leather personalized journals are one of the favorite Christmas gifts for you and for your loved ones. We can engrave any image, logo, picture, photo, words and initials on custom leather journals.

personalized leather journal

We can engrave your own handwriting image on custom leather notebook.

personalized handwriting engraved journal

Personalized handwriting engraved journal is refillable.

engraved working compass

Engraved working brass compass is one of our best selling handmade product. We can engrave initials in monogram style.

custom men's wallet

Here is a picture came us from one of our happy customer.