Different Ways to Show Your Love With a Personal Engraved Compass

''personalized compass''

Engraved compass gift is one of the memorable and unforgettable personalized gift idea. You can have personalized custom engraved compass with unbelievable fast shipping and turnaround time. We can engrave top side, bottom side and inside lid of the personalized compass.

so you can always find your way

Engraved compass will be a unique keepsake for long years for you and for your loved ones. Customized compass would be a memorable gift for father's day, valentine's day and Christmas.

personalized compass

Compass is made of high-quality solid brass, it is very durable and waterproof. You can also use it in camping, outdoor and hiking.

handwriting engraving on compass

We can engrave your own handwriting as you can see the above image. For this, you just need to use blank unlined paper and take a photo with your phone.

my handwriting is on compass

We can use block fonts, cursive fonts or script fonts on the engraving of the compasses.

sfdizayn font list

Engraving messages about adventure is the most popular one.

personalized compass

Engraved compasses are a very nice gift idea for father's day, Christmas, valentine's day and anniversary days for.

engraved compass

We can engrave any design like photo, handwriting image, text, picture, logo, words and initials on custom engraved working compass.

custom engraved working compass

Personalized compasses are also a good gift idea for baptism, confirmation day and first communion.

compass for baptism

We can engrave any cross images from the below list on compass gift.

baptism compass cross images

Silver and golden compasses are also very popular for baptism gift.

engraved silver compass for baptism

They are all working mechanical compasses and handmade.

engraved golden baptism compass

We can engrave on the customized compass with some special designs.

baptism compass

One of the most popular words on the compass are; for our adventures or for your adventures with mountain sketch.

for your adventures compass

We can engrave personalized compass with some special monogram designs.

monogram engraved compass

We can engrave special designs on baptism compasses.

baptism compass

You can show your true feelings with a personalized engraved compass.

personalised compass

And of course, you can show your love from your heart with engraved compass.


Custom compass with mountain sketch engraving and leather pouch is a keepsake gift idea.

custom engraved compass with mountain skecth

Customizable engraved compass necklace gift comes with a handmade leather case. We can engrave the leather case up to 5 characters.

customizable engraved compass necklace gift

We can also engrave any photo and picture on the working functional compasses.

image engraved compass

You can find all of our compasses here.