Note All of Your Memorable Times to Personalized Leather Journal

''personalized leather journal''

We can engrave any words, text, image or logo on the personalized leather journal. Let's start to note all of your memorable times to personalized engraved genuine leather custom journal.

personalized leather journal

Leather journal is refillable and it has lined papers. It is made by traditional Turkish genuine leather. Engravings will never fade off.

personalized journal

We can engrave on the front top side, front bottom side, back top side and back bottom side. We can engrave your own handwriting on customized leather notebook.

my handwriting is on leather journal

In order to engrave your own handwriting on a leather notebook; you just need to write your words on blank unlined paper and take a photo of your handwriting image.

my handwriting is on journal

Engraved leather notebook will be a perfect gift idea for you and for your loved ones who likes writing much and keep the memories for long years.

leather notebook

If you would like to have this leather journal with unbelievable fast shipping you are in correct store. Our turnaround time is only 1 day, delivery usually takes 3 or 4 business days to Unites States, Canada and Australia. Delivery usually takes only 1 or 2 days to Europe.

leather engraved journal

We can engrave your handwriting image on the whole back or front side of personalized leather notebook.

personalized handwriting engraved journal

Here is the handwriting image of the above genuine leather notebook.

personalized handwriting engraved journal

We send the leather refillable notebook with some rope attachment like compass, rope, and anchor.

leather notebook accessories

You can order the engraved notebook with optional engraved wooden box.

engraved leather journal with wooden box

Personalized wooden box is handmade and we can engrave whatever you want on the cover.

lined paper refillable leather notebook

The handmade leather notebook would be a nice gift idea for who travel too much, who wants to write a lot and who likes handmade leather products.

personalized refillable leather notebook

Custom leather journal is made of traditional Turkish genuine leather. It is a refillable leather journal and you are free to order the refill pages from us.

refillable engraved notebook

It is very popular for our customers to have a leather notebook with proverbs engraving.

engraved leather journal with name and proverb

This is the biggest size of leather custom notebook, it is in A5 size.

engraved leather journal

You can find all of our leather journal styles here.