Personalized Engraved Working Compass

Personalized Engraved Working Compass

Compass is a unique keepsake gift for your loved ones. We can engrave any words, text, initials, logo, image on the engraved compass. It is a personalized working compass.

personalized working compass

If you want to give a precious and meaningful gift that your loved one can keep for years on special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, you are definitely in the right place.

own handwriting engraving on compass

We are can engrave top side, bottom side and inside lid of custom engraved compass.

personalized compass

We can use any of the below fonts on any engraved compasses.

sfdizayn font options

We can engrave initials in any monogram styles such as block monogram, fancy monogram and circle monogram.

Engraved compasses will be a good gift idea for baptism day, confirmation day and first communion day.

baptism compass

We can engrave '' May your faith always guide you '' and put a cross, under it put the name and baptism day. It looks nice and cool on the working compass.

confirmation gift compass

Our compasses are all handmade and they are all working and functional compasses.

custom engraved compass

We can engrave your handwriting on the compass. It will be exactly your handwriting.

handwriting compass

To engrave your handwriting image on a compass you just need to use blank unlined paper, then take a picture and send it with your order.

for our adventures compass

We are SFdizayn, we always try to do our best and try to improve ourselves every time. All of our products like compasses are handmade, not machine-made.

for your adventures compass

Personalized compass will be a good gift idea for; father's day gift, mother's day gift, valentine's day gift, anniversary day gift, graduation day gift.

personalized compass

The custom engraved compass is working and functional. This means it shows correct directions. It is durable and you can also use it in camping, hiking and in all of your adventures.

engraved compass

Engraved compass is a good and cool gift idea for groomsmen gifts and wedding gifts.

personalized compass

We produce some different types of compasses in different colors.

engraved silver compass

Engraved silver and golden color compasses are also available for engraving in any design.

baptism compass

We can engrave some special designs on customized compass.

first communion compass

We can engrave many monogram designs on personalized compasses.

monogram engraved compass gift

One of the most popular words on the compass are for our adventures or for your adventures compasses.

for your adventures compass

Custom compass with mountain sketch engraving and leather pouch is a keepsake gift idea.

custom compass with mountain skecth engraving

Customized personalized compass gift comes with a handmade leather case. We can engrave the leather case up to 5 characters.

customized working compass gift

We can engrave any photo and picture on the front side and inside lid of the compasses.

picture engraved compass

 You can find all of our compass styles here.