Cat House with Cat-Faced Window

These products are produced from woods that offer high quality and long-lasting durability. The most important feature of the cat house is that the window is in the shape of a cat's face. This will allow your cat friend to get used to his home in a short time. Since it is produced with a wide angle, it will allow your cat to spend time comfortably and comfortably. If you want your best friend to climb inside the house you will buy for him, play with his toys and consume his food and water in a practical way, this product is for you. You will be able to control your cat's movements through the window made with the cat profile and intervene in case of the opposite situation. Your cat is the cutest member of your house, make him happy.

Product Features

Product sizes ; 60cm * 51cm , Depth: 44cm

Cat House, which has a demountable structure, combines aesthetics and comfort with its easy installation and different design.

1st quality melamine coated MDF is used in the wooden details of the product.
Inside the product, there is a cushion bed covered with foal hair fabric, which is produced in accordance with the comfort of your cat.

Materials such as cushions and carpets are washable and renewable.

Our cat house models are designed with love at Woofy.

All materials used in the production process are natural and animal friendly.

There is an installation booklet and a qr code label where you can watch the installation video, which talks about all the technical details about the installation in the box.