Wooden Handmade Minimalist Cat House


Designed for outdoor and inside use.

With its long roof and food storage, the food will be full of dry bellies.

It has a simple and truly user-friendly structure.


It is manufactured using Marine Plywood and imported pine. Marine Plywood is mostly used in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions such as boat building.

It is resistant to outdoor conditions (Water, Sun) for a long time.

Its roof is Shingle coating and provides full insulation against water.

Used screws, bolts, hinges, etc. all components are suitable for outdoor weather conditions.

Hazelnut color EN 71-3 certified paint (child safe and safe for all living things wood paint)

Being high from the ground protects it from the accumulation of water and moisture on the ground.

An average of 3 puppies can be home to 1 mother.

Since its roof is long towards the front, it protects it from water spray.

Dimensions are available in the images.



No more struggling with difficult installation guides and hours of assembly with countless hand tools!

After receiving the disassembled product, read the barcode from the package with your mobile phone or enter the link.

Select the product and watch the installation video.