Wooden Luxury Handmade Cat House


Part of the product is manufactured with WOOD MARİN PLYWOOD and is fully resistant to weather conditions in outdoor use.

Some of them are manufactured using imported pine wood with impregnation.

MARİN PLYWOOD is mostly used in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions such as boat building.

Rot and Worm resistant.


It has 6 separate rooms, separated by partitions between each room.

It can provide living space for an average of 10 cats.

The base structure is wooden and it is 3 cm high from the ground.

Thanks to the prominent eaves structure of the roof, the food bowl and the food are protected from the rain and the sun.

Ropes can be wrapped around the feet and used as a scratching area.

DIMENSIONS (Outside to Outside)

Main Section

Width (Right to Left): 128cm

Height (Top to Bottom): 85cm

Depth (Front to Back): 30cm

Patio Section

Width (Right to Left): 100cm

Height (Top to Bottom): 27cm

Depth (Front to Back): 25cm

usage areas

It is suitable for use in all outdoor conditions.

You can easily use it on soil, grass, concrete floors.


The product you purchased is delivered to you as de-assembled.

It has a very simple installation and you can make a quick installation by going to the web address in the product and watching the INSTALLATION VIDEO.