One Of The Most Valuable And Unforgettable Baptism Gift Engraved Compass

''baptism compass''

We know very well how important baptism days for you. We aware baptism gifts must be a keepsake gift and can not be forgettable. Engraved compass will be a great baptism gift for your loved ones. If you are looking for a baptism compass in perfect condition with unbelievable fast shipping you are in correct store.

baptism compass

We can engrave top side, bottom side and inside of personalized compass. We can engrave whatever you want on customized compass. We can engrave any design you want.

baptism day gift

We usually engrave a cross image, under it we put initials in monogram style and under that, we put baptism date.

engraved baptism compass

We can use any style of cross image from the below selection for baptism compasses.

baptism compass cross styles

On the inside of engraved baptism compass we usually put the proverbs:

'' MAY YOUR FAITH ALWAYS GUIDE YOU '' or '' In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path. Proverbs 3:5 ''

personalized baptism compass

We also sell engraved compass in silver color.

silver baptism compass

We can engraved any design on engraved working silver compasses.

baptism silver compass

We can engrave top side of the personalized silver compass with cross and dove image.

engraved silver compass for baptism

Cross with dove image is one of the favorite design of customers.

Engraved compass gift will be a keepsake product for your loved ones.

personalized engraved wilver compass

We can use any font from below options on all of our engraved working compasses.

sfdizayn font options

 And here is the antique finish engraved baptism compass:

baptism day compass

Engraved compasses will be a good gift idea for first communion day and confirmation day.

first communion compass

And another SFdizayn baptism working compass.

baptism compasses

We can engrave some special designs for baptism compasses.

baptism compass

Customized compasses come with handmade leather case.

customized compass with handmade leather case

You can find all of our baptism compasses here.